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Kodak - UltraMax 400 - 35mm - (36 exp) - ProPack - 3 Rolls

Kodak - UltraMax 400 - 35mm - (36 exp) - ProPack - 3 Rolls

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KODAK ULTRA MAX 400 Film is an effortlessly user-friendly, high-speed film perfect for everyday photographers. This film provides the versatility essential for consistently superior photos in a variety of shooting conditions. It offers improved low-light performance with minimal underexposure, enhanced results with zoom lenses, an extended flash range, superior "stop-action" photography, and a decrease in the effects of camera shake.

Enlargements reveal ULTRA MAX 400 Film's exceptional sharpness and fine grain, ensuring detailed, clear images. The film's advanced color precision technology ensures vivid, lively colors along with true-to-life skin tones for natural-looking portraits.

Designed for use with KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals in Process C-41, ULTRA MAX 400 Film is also compatible with printing processes used for KODAK GOLD Films.

The availability in a convenient 3 pack, minimizes the cost per roll!

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